How do you charge for your property management services?

We price each scheme on a case-by-case basis as no scheme, client or customer are the same.

As part of our client onboarding programme, we seek to establish what level of service our clients desire balanced with affordability ensuring we always deliver what matters.

Where will service charge monies be held?

Service Charge monies are held in our secure client accounts where strict accounting rules and procedures are adhered to in accordance with RICS Rules of Conduct for Firms.

How do you deal with unpaid service charges?

Any unpaid service charges are picked up within our credit control cycle which is aligned to the terms of your lease.

What is your approach to Sinking/Reserve Funds?

Ultimately, we are bound by what is prescribed within the lease terms however we do promote the existence of Sinking/Reserve Funds in order to build a pot of money to fund larger cyclical works that will be required throughout the building lifecycle for example lift refurbishments or replacement or internal/external redecorations.

How many blocks do you manage?

Check out our Home page for information about our company and what we do.

What communications channels do you offer (e.g emails, portals, newsletters)?

We offer most forms of communication channels and tailor those to our clients and customer's needs. We promote in person wherever possible and offer a community engagement portal for each of our schemes which has white labelling options.

How do you stay up to date with the legal and regulatory requirements?

We take a cascade approach to legal and regulatory requirement updates, where the Board provides updates to senior staff, and these staff then issue out to their teams. Regular meetings take place between the teams so areas of concern or clarity can be addressed.

Regular updates are often provided by our service partners and governance organisations which the Board ratifies before any issues arise.

How do you select and monitor contractors?

All contractors must complete a pre-qualification questionnaire which includes health and safety; financial; corporate social responsibility; GDPR and insurance-based questions. Following completion all applications are assessed by the relevant teams before final sign-off. Where possible all contractors will hold appropriate accreditation for example ‘Safe Contractor’/’CHAS etc

Our suppliers and partners are required to maintain their company details and important company documents (current insurance certificates, health and safety policies, sets of accounts, etc) electronically via a secured website. Diary events are generated upon the expiry of these documents and in the event, they are not renewed the system prevents further use of their services until the documentation is provided. Other checks include credit, fraud, and money laundering. Our supplier management systems help to ensure we are not only utilising legitimate and competent, suppliers and partners but monitors their performance in regard to response times for quotes/instructions and job completions.

Contracts are compiled and stored electronically, allowing the visibility of all contracts and their tendering status. Executed contracts and the specifications associated with them are available online toallow quick reference where required. Notifications of renewal dates of contracts are automatically sent to the management team to allow seamless renewal or re-tender. Our Surveyors manage all contracts to ensure performance and value for money.

Monthly reviews of the performance of all key contractors are undertaken which includes their Health & Safety compliance. These stats are collated, and quarterly meetings are held to review any concerns or underperformance areas. There is finally an annual appraisal to benchmark against the KPI’s, consider their pricing, and the impact on the service charge budget. This assesses whether a contractor continues.

How will you deal with the outgoing managing agent?

A key priority will be to ensure a smooth transition and no drops in service delivery occur. This stage is crucial as first impressions count!

We will prepare a comprehensive mobilisation plan on appointment and agree it with our client and outgoing managing agent. We use project management tools to dynamically project manage and report on all large projects and mobilisation. We can share tasks and live access can be given to clients.

Typical activities are:

  • Agree on the handover strategy with our client and outgoing agent
  • Meet and establish relationships with key stakeholders regarding future management
  • Obtain and verify all pertinent information for the management of the scheme including the ‘Golden Thread’
  • Set up internal management systems such as service charge and property management, compliance tracking, and maintenance management
  • Review, tender, and place supplier contracts for soft and hard services taking into consideration any existing contracts
  • TUPE, recruit, employ and train all staff and roll out our Customer Charter
  • Review, develop and publish occupier handbooks and guide
What is your complaints procedure?

Please contact us via ‘Let’s Talk’ for a copy of our complaints procedure or can contact us via feedback@lbnavana.com

How do you deal with out of hours emergencies?

Across all our schemes, our Out of Hours Team is available 24/7, 365 days per year for emergency support. If our own offices are closed; clients and occupiers have access to our Out of Hours Team which offer round-the clock services in a wide variety of trades. The team has access to our approved supplier database, portfolio information i.e. access arrangements and a detailed contractor list specific to each scheme. In the unlikely circumstance an emergency needs to be escalated our Professional Services teams, Head of Departments and Directors are also contactable.

Clients can be added to this process in accordance with their escalation procedure. Communicating with occupiers is fundamental to good, responsible property management. Our Out of Hours Team can be

reached via ANA:Tech and on our office line which automatically diverts outside our office hours meaning occupiers and clients have a single contact number to retain.

Which professional/trade bodies do you belong to?
  • RICS
  • IRPM
  • ARMA
  • ISO
  • The Climate Pledge
  • Get Nature Positive
  • Purple
  • Investors in People
  • Investors in Wellbeing
  • Diverse Leaders Pledge
  • Disability Confidence Committed
We are looking to change the managing agent for our scheme; how do we go about it?

Here are some things to consider before changing managing agent:

  • In changing managing agent, what is it you are seeking to improve and/or change?
  • How do you wish to communicate with your managing agent?
  • What do you expect the incoming managing agent to deliver?
  • Prepare a brief of projects and issues that you will need the incoming agent to take over.
  • What period of notice is required in the management agreement? If there is no such agreement or period of notice in the agreement, what period would suit matters best?
  • Terminate on a date that fits in with service charge payment periods or the end of the accounting year to make handover and accounting easier if that is appropriate.
  • What is the current financial position for your scheme? Is the service charge account in deficit or credit?
  • Are there large outstanding arrears that will make it difficult for any agent to provide services? If you are not sure, ask the current agent.
  • Is the current agent owed any unpaid management fees that will be disputed?
  • What documents will be handed over to the new agent so that management can continue smoothly? Draw up a list of what you require or ask the new agent to propose a list.
  • What sort of accounting statement will be drawn up as of the date of termination? Do you need an external accountant to check it – if so, who will pay the fee?

    When taking on a new client, portfolio, or property we undertake a review of all the documentation and processes available and identify where there may be any gaps and/or requirements for alignment or improvement. We will discuss the findings of this review with you and agree next steps to completing any gaps discovered.
Can you assist with a service charge budget and estate strategy for a scheme?
  1. We require a service charge budget and estate strategy for a scheme that is:
  2. in the design and/or planning stages
  3. under construction or near to completion
  4. undergoing refurbishment and/or change of use

Can you assist?

We certainly can!

Our Experience by Design team specialise in new build budget compilation for service charge, set up and void mitigation. They are also equipped to draft an estate strategy based both on the existing strategies of the build and develop further operational strategies with your project team.

Please contact Claire Savill, our Experience by Design lead, on Claire.Savill@lbnavana.com or via our main office telephone line on +44 (0)20 7758 5600.

Can you help with brand and destination design for our scheme?

We can!

Within our Experience by Design offering we can curate a brand and destination identity for your scheme. We have Brand Designer in-house a who specialises in developing a look and feel from unique aspects drawing inspiration from many different elements. In addition we have placemaking and placekeeping experts as well as customer experience, arts and community engagement and lifestyle specialists.

Please contact Claire Savill, our Experience by Design lead, on Claire.Savill@lbnavana.com or via our main office telephone line on +44 (0)20 7758 5600.

We have a scheme that was built some years ago and are seeking guidance on how to improve
  1. Operations
  2. Costs
  3. Experience
  4. Prop tech & systems
  5. Compliance

Within our Experience by Design service we offer Re-Design guidance specialising in key areas that cover operations, financials, experience, prop tech & systems and compliance across the commercial and residential sectors.

Please contact Claire Savill, our Experience by Design lead, on Claire.Savill@lbnavana.com or via our main office telephone line on +44 (0)20 7758 5600.

I have a portfolio of stocks and bonds and looking to increase my share and/or sell.

We offer a range of Capital Market services throughout the property lifecycle.

Please contact hello@lbnavana.com or via our main office telephone on +44 (0)20 7758 5600.

I have a property/portfolio that I would like to sell/lease, can you help?

We offer a range of leasing services across commercial, retail, industrial and residential tenures.

Please contact hello@lbnavana.com or via our main office telephone on +44 (0)20 7758 5600.

We are a managing agent and looking to merge with another company.

We offer guidance on mergers and acquisitions.

Please contact hello@lbnavana.com or via our main office telephone on +44 (0)20 7758 5600.

We are looking for guidance on how to navigate ESG.

We provide clarity and insights into the risks and opportunities associated with addressing Environmental, Social and Governance.

Please contact hello@lbnavana.com or via our main office telephone on +44 (0)20 7758 5600.